Jul 23 • 5M

ALL in ALL® / Karma Korner® Substack Edition #9 - How I Started to Defeat Colitis

From Feb. 2017 AA#33, techniques I used to start changing my thoughts while healing my severe ulcerative colitis


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Deborah Magone
I'm a Wife/MoM, Artist / Activist, Badass Vocals & Guitar, music Instructor, member of NARAS/ SAG/AFTRA /BMI-ASCAP, but more importantly I'm a martial arts & meditation instructor for over 45 yrs, a non-denominational Reverend, Intuitive Reader and a survivor of severe ulcerative colitis that literally killed me in my 20's, many years ago. I was revived and have since healed myself because I took seriously the Body, Mind, & Spirit connection before it was even a "thing". I'll be talking about how I now live a better quality of life and YOU can too, and the role we all play in our own healing, creating and well being.
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